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Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special?

Do you want to treat yourself to uniquely crafted jewellery?

Finding the perfect piece for someone essential or yourself can be a daunting task. There are many things you need to keep in mind, and a lot of research that must be done before making the right choice.

You need something that’s uniquely crafted jewellery in a way that conveys your message perfectly in the form of timeless jewellery.

Something special for precise occasions.

Something that isn’t too understated, yet not over the top at the same time.

That’s something robust to create, even for those who consider themselves artists, artisans, and jewellers.

That’s why you can’t just look anywhere.

Here at Artissimo shop, it’s our passion to provide customers with one-of-a-kind jewellery such as; Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, and Men’s Jewellery.



Are you in search of something that will you remember for a lifetime?

For over 12 years, we have specialized in creating timeless pieces made from Sterling silver and south sea pearls. They are elegant and adapt to any situation. Our collection at Artissimo shop is a vibrant blend of art uniquely crafted jewellery by local designers from Broome, the Kimberley other locations in Australia.

When we design jewellery for our collection, we scrutinize each piece to ensure that everything you receive from us is of the utmost quality and in pristine condition. As a family-owned company, we understand that certain occasions require certain accessories and attire. We make sure that you are never over or underdressed.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift to cement a moment in time or looking to treat yourself that can highlight your style for years to come, then you have visited the right place.

Quickly scroll through our selection to find the perfect jewellery for any occasion and find the right fit today.

Please also visit Artissimo Art like paintings, sculptures and ceramics.